Tidewater Dog Performance Club


Our club is a Virginia flyball, United Kennel Club (UKC) licensed agility and obedience club. The club formed in the summer of 1995 as only an agility club with a provisional obedience license. We became a licensed UKC agility and obedience club by September 1996.

The first Virginia Flyball team called the Hairier Jump Jets joined our club in October 1996. We want to promote EVERY DOG to participate in performance events. You don't need a pure bred dog to enjoy the fun. Just register your dog with UKC if you are interested in doing agility, obedience, or weight pulling competitively.

For Flyball, you would need any type of ball crazy dog to register with NAFA (North American Flyball Association) in order to compete in flyball tournaments. In 2010, we had 1 UKC agility and 2 NAFA flyball tournaments weekends. Photo above is Cosmo the lab passing Ryan the golden retriever


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Club Officers

President - Tom Ward - (757) 377-4500

Vice President - Aimee Walker - (757) 227-3920

Secretary/Corr. Sec - Donna Stier - (757) 235-3439

Treasurer - Andrea Colvin - (757) 547-5244

Board member -

Board member -

Board member - Debbie Pulgencio - (757) 426-5157

Board member - Rob Walker - (757) 227-3920


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